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A Mark of Distinction by SkarloeyRailway
A Mark of Distinction
"But I'm afraid no amount of tenders will save you in the end!" 

A TVS screenshot featuring the new Flying Scotsman model. 
A Bitter Rivalry by SkarloeyRailway
A Bitter Rivalry
Just a simple shot form Toad Stands By to see what SI3D's new Toad model looks like! 
The Boardwalk by SkarloeyRailway
The Boardwalk
The boardwalk has been updated with more people and a carousel! 


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United States
I am he as you are me and we are he and we are all together.

Current Residence: Mini Soda
Favourite genre of music: Classic/phycadelic rock
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 5c
Favourite cartoon character: Skarloey

    There is a branch line on the Golden Valley Railroad that runs from the Big Station at Halsted to service the coalmines in the hills. Passenger trains along this line were cut long ago, and now the line was only used for the transport of coal from the mines. As the economy began to rebound, Mr. Rockford decided to restore passenger services along the branch line and to rebuild and reopen its old stations.

    This was a long job, and Mr. Rockford’s locomotives were busier than ever bringing supplies up to the junction. The big locos were too heavy to travel along the old branch line, so Harry and Baldwin had to do most of the work themselves. They didn’t mind the hard work, and the two little locos were soon put in charge of taking the building materials up the line to the stations. They enjoyed getting out of their yard to stretch their wheels, but found it to be a tiring job!

    One October evening, Harry returned from a long day of helping the workmen. Baldwin was in the fright yard arranging a heavy goods train for Gilbert.

    “No one can say I’m afraid of hard work,” Harry grumbled, “but running up and down those old tracks all day makes my wheels ache like nothing else! Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t fallen right off!”

    “I know what you mean!” said Baldwin. “It’s hard work when you’re not used to long journeys!”

    “I’m surprised you can stand being on that old line at all, Harry!” said Gilbert in a somber sort of voice.

    “Why?” said Harry and Baldwin together.

    “Don’t you know what happened at the terminus of that line?” Gilbert inquired.

    “No! What?” The two locos peeped.

    “It’s supposed to be… haunted!”

    “Haunted? You’re out of your smokebox, Gilbert!” Harry scoffed.  “What are they putting in your coal?”

    “It is haunted!” insisted the big engine.

    “Oh, really? What happened then?” Harry asked sarcastically.

    “Well, it was a long time ago,” Gilbert began, “1896 I believe actually. There was one locomotive who ran the line all by himself. He worked hard and maintained the line well, but one day it all went wrong. One dark night, he was pulling a load of empty coal cars up the line towards the mines. His lamp shone brightly, and the rails seemed to glow in the moonlight. The loco was delayed at Halsted and running much faster than usual to make up for lost time. Soon the approached a bend in the line just outside the top station. His driver tried to pull the lever to apply the brakes, but found they were were jammed! The loco was now careening out of control with a heavy train! The engineer pulled the whistle chain to alert people ahead of the runaway train, but only broke the chain and the whistle stuck ‘on’.

    “Knowing it was too late to save their train, the engineer and stoker jumped clear just as the train rounded the bend. Still whistling franticly, the loco flew off the rails and rolled down the embankment finally resting in a heap of twisted metal, leaking steam from all angles and still whistling faintly.

    “They say that on the night of the Harvest Moon you can hear the engine whistling desperately and see its lamp coming down the line, trying to make it safely around the bend, but he never arrives at his final destination.”

    “What a load of garbage!” Harry snorted. “You’re story doesn’t scare us, does it Baldwin?”

    “Uh….er… no!” Baldwin stammered. He was a little scared really, but didn’t want Harry or Gilbert to know. “There’s no such thing as ghosts, anyway!”

    For the next few days, Harry and Baldwin worked the branch line well. Their trains were on time, and work progressed on schedule. One afternoon Baldwin was taking on water in the fright yard when the yard manager came up.

    “The work crews on the branch line need an extra shipment of bricks and spackle for tomorrow’s work,” he told Baldwin. “You need to take the supplies from Sullivan’s midnight fright train this evening.”

    “Sounds like a plan to me!” Baldwin’s engineer said. “It will be a nice night, running under the harvest moon!”

    Baldwin gulped. He was worried about seeing the ghost engine, but didn’t want to say anything for fear of looking foolish in front of the other locomotives.

    “Hudson would never let me hear the end of it!” he though as he continued to arrange cars in the yard. “I can do it, there’s no such thing as ghosts anyway! Just in stories, just in stories…”

    Night fell, and Baldwin was being prepped for his midnight train. His wheels had been oiled, he had a full head of steam, and he was ready to go. It was a clear night, and the harvest moon shone brightly through the crisp autumn air. Baldwin was anxious to leave, but Sullivan was late with the midnight freight train. His mind was running wild with thoughts of ghost trains and full moons. Just then a whistle blasted in the distance and a bright light shone from around the bend!

    “It’s the ghost train!” Baldwin shouted.

    “Ghost?” his engineer said. “That’s no ghost! It’s Sullivan with the freight train!”

    “Oh! Uh…right!” Baldwin spluttered. “About time too! Where have you been Sullivan?”

    “Sorry… I’m… late!” the big engine puffed. “There was a… broken signal half way down the line… and we had to…”

    “Forget it,” Baldwin interrupted, “Just hurry up and let me take my freight train!”

    Before long everything was ready, and Baldwin was itching to leave. At last, they were on their way and running smoothly. Everything was going well until a fog began to roll in from the sea. It was thick as pea soup and Baldwin could barely see where he was going. His engineer slowed him down, much to Baldwin’s chagrin. He was still nervous about Gilbert’s ghost train and wanted to get back the roundhouse as soon as possible.

    At last they reached the station at the end of the line and Baldwin was uncoupled from his cars. He was just getting ready to turn around and head back down the line when a workman came running!

    “The points are jammed, we can’t send you back down the line until they’re fixed. We’re working overtime already and the foreman says we can fix them in the morning.” Baldwin’s eyes widened as the workman turned away and climbed into his truck.

    “What about me?” he said meekly.

    “You’ll have to stay here for the night,” his stoker said. “Don’t worry, there’s an old shed where you spend the night.” His crew climbed into his cab, and backed him into an old wooden shed. It smelled musty and looked to Baldwin like it might collapse if the wind picked up. A slimy green moss hung clung to the rooftop and oozed through the cracks in the ceiling.

    “Worrying won’t do me any good,” Baldwin sighed as his engineer and stoker walked away, into the fog. “I’ll just try and get some sleep!” And with that, Baldwin shut his eyes and went to sleep.

    But he didn’t sleep long! An owl, which had made his nest atop the old engine shed, flew in for the night with its dinner. As he landed, it hooted triumphantly as if to let anyone who could hear know about his feast. The hoot woke Baldwin up with a start! Baldwin gasped and looked around, but he couldn’t anything that could have made the noise.

    “Oh no…” he moaned quietly. “I don’t like this one bit!” Just then Baldwin heard something else!

    WOOOO WOOOO WOOOOOOO! A low, mournful whistle sounded in the distance as the wind swirled the fog around the shed.

    “Who goes there?” Baldwin puffed meekly.

    WOOO WOOO WOOOOOOO! The whistle came again!

     “Whoever you are, you’d better cut it out!” Baldwin said, trying not to sound so scared. “Gilbert, if this you playing some kind of joke-!”

    WOOO WOOO WOOOOOO! The whistle replied! Just then a bright light shone from down the line! There was a rumbling and the light seemed to be heading straight towards Baldwin’s shed!  Baldwin squeezed his eyes shut as the whistling got louder and longer and the wind blew harder!

    “Ahhggggghhh!” he groaned, eyes still shut tight. “I won’t open my eyes until morning! I don’t want to see the ghost engine! I don’t want to see the ghost engine!”

    Daylight came and the fog had finally lifted. Baldwin blinked as the sunlight shone in through the shed doors.

    “Is… is he gone?” he asked his engineer as he climbed into the cab. 

    “Is who gone?” the engineer replied.

    “The ghost engine…” Baldwin whispered. “Gilbert’s ghost engine was here last night! I heard his whistle and I saw his lamp coming towards me!”

    Just then, the wind rattled the leaves and Baldwin heard the whistle again! WOOO WOOO WOOOOOO! Came the cry from the distance!

    “That’s it!” Wailed Baldwin, “That’s the ghost engine’s whistle! I’m not coming out of this shed!”

    “Ghost whistle? Don’t be silly!” his engineer chuckled. “It’s just the wind blowing through the pipes for the new station!”

    Baldwin opened one eye, cautiously. There, next to the platform, was a triangular stack of lead pipes for the plumbing of the new station. They made a mournful whistling noise as the autumn breeze raced through them. Baldwin opened his other eye.

    “That doesn’t explain the light I saw!” he said, “It was coming straight for me!”

    “I think I can answer that!” said his stoker. Baldwin looked out in front of the shed. Coming down the lane that ran beside the track was an old farmer in his pickup truck. As he bumped down the old dirt road, one headlight flickered on then off again. Then he turned up a long driveway to the farmhouse, which lay a quarter of a mile past the shed.

    “So the lamp must have been that farmer’s old truck…” Baldwin said quietly to himself, feeling very silly.

    “See?” said his driver. “There’s always a simple explanation for things that go ‘bump’ in the night!” And with that, he pulled the lever and Baldwin rolled out of the shed, and back towards the main line.

    Baldwin isn’t afraid of the dark anymore. He knows now, there’s always a simple explanation for mysterious things that happen in the darkness and has spent many a comfortable night in the shed on the old branch line helping the workmen. He’s a really brave locomotive now, and is never afraid to face his fears to get a job done! 

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